PAANDA Small - Q2 / 2020

Mis à jour : juin 14

Assets under Management

Total (EUR): 11 722

Valuation per Segment

Physical assets: 8 000

Digital assets: 1 000

Liquid assets: 2 722

Growth (AuM)

Total (EUR): +2 819

Q2/20 (EUR): +2 819

Download the full trading history (liquid assets only)

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100% Metals: Silver, Gold

Risk Functions

Invests gradually up to 2500% of the principal as the market moves in our favor.

Value at Risk (Var) on open positions average 25% at all time. Risk has been diversified across Gold and Silver.

We will not invest new additional margin anymore.

Global Strategy

Macro with focus on demographic and capital flow events

The current main view and scenario is:

  • hyperinflation risks in the US (and USD drop)

  • Sharp rise in commodities

  • The shift in economic power and leadership from West to East

In the Markets

We are in the same dynamic as last quarter, as a reminder:

  • Asian and emerging to outperform Europe in market recovery

  • USD prolonged and gradual drop phase toward the 89-90 level DXY

  • COMMODITIES sharp rise with a target at - 25 to 27.5 USD on Silver, then 47 - 1900 USD on Gold, then 2900

Current Exposure

Indices > N/A

Metals > Long Silver + long Gold (70/30 mix)

Note from the desk

We engaged a first position on Silver at 17.00 then got stopped out, to finally enter a better price between 12.75 and 14.00. when the COVID krach slammed the Silver to a 12-years low... while at the same time, all elements to reasonably forecast an inflation under the hood were already present. The lack of liquidity in this price area (and the spike associated) resulted in a VERY attractive trade, some sort of... "one you cannot afford to miss". Keep on buying on Metals with a directional view as long as the market "fulfill" our conditions.

Stock markets are bouncing aggressively, and the COVID accident put clearly in light the resilience of certain markets over others... we will start to diversify on China A50 as a global engine for the "stocks segment" of the portfolio, then enlarge our spectrum and exposure in Asia to peripherical countries (SEA) gradually with a TWAP.

Future will tell...

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